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Online english teachers needed

Online english teachers needed

Online english teachers needed! we need more teachers in  itutor group. I am going try my best to help you with application, interview, and on boarding steps :)  itutor has a quick hiring process at this time because of the season. We hire non natives and natives. the minimum requirements are: over 18 years of age native or near-native speaker of english bachelor’s degree or above a commitment of 10 peak hours (china evening and weekend hours) or more each week holds a valid tesol/tefl certificate or able to commit to earning one (120 hours) adherence to the standards of service outlined in the service commitment a passion for helping others and developing skills use this link to apply, then log in and schedule an interview today! my referral code is b5pu , apply now to start your online teaching career! If the link isn t working just ping me and will send it to you. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME ABOUT THE PAY RATE SINCE THAT WILL BE DISCUSSED WITH YOUR RECRUITER DURING THE INTERVIEW. IN FEW WORDS I'M NOT A RECRUITER, I'M JUST A REFERRER.

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