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Freelance assistant to fintech analyst

Publicado 15/01/2022 en el Tablón de Anuncios de Madrid

1.600 €

Localidad: Madrid, Provincia: Madrid.
Dirección: evelpidon avenue 52. Código postal: 16673.

Tipo de contrato: Otros

It is a freelance kind of work that comes with a contract for a year, the Assistant will be gathering and providing the Data to our Analysts. Mostly by recording videos performing functionalities on their iPhone, sharing with us these videos so they got studied for Metada metrics (such as UX experience, etc.) This information will be used to conduct technical analysis for financial apps functionalities compared globally to their competitors. This is a part-time job from home that comes with a contract for each project you can help us with. You will need an iPhone of your own to perform and record the videos that you will be providing us to assess them for UX and other metrics. You will work on your time schedule (as long as you are in the deadline range) from your home and the payment is set on how many tasks you can do and deliver. At this point, the available projects are for 4 bank institutions with the pay coming with 400 euro for each study, in total 1600 euro which you get paid the half payment after the first correct video to your PayPal account. . Ofertas de empleo en tablondeanuncios.

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